Carlsson High Performance Motor Oil

1. Manufacturing 

We have developed and manufactured automobile lubricants with the high-end quality using data and experiences gained by participating in various racing events, including WTCC, Dakar Rally and 24Hours Nuerburgring. 

2. Product Testing (Quality Control)

Automotive performance testing has been conducted regularly on production cars with high horse power tuning engines and standard engines. Using the data from the performance testing, we have been able to produce lubricants with stability, dependability, and high-quality so that cars can maximize the performance abilities on any road conditions or situations.


The Carlsson name

Ingvar Carlsson gave his name to, and is development partner of Carlsson Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH. Together with Björn Waldegard and Walter Röhrl, the former Mercedes-Benz factory driver rewrote racing history. The Carlsson name stands for traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology. The manufacturing concept is very highly rated and is mirrored in every car leaving our company. The result is individual, tailor-made cars that meet the highest demands. 

The Carlsson horse

The horse leaping to the right signifi es power, strength, dynamism and not least class.

The Carlsson logo

The basic logo consists of the image element and the lettering. “Crillee Bold Italic” is used for the lettering. The image element comprises the outline of a horse performing a capriole. The logo may be applied both positively and negatively, and additionally in the company colour gray.